Put simply, if New Zealand small, medium and large private companies show a commitment to appointing younger advisory board members then senior executives may start considering governance roles earlier rather than towards the end of their working careers. It’s a fair bet that most advisory boards would like a bit more diversity and one obvious way of achieving that is to have younger competent members join their ranks. Our corporate sponsors ranging from start-ups, high growth and not for profits are committed to inviting a person to participate as an advisory board member for an initial 12-month period. This is to allow participating advisory board members to learn and foster an interest in corporate governance and provide a valuable benefit to the companies’ advisory board. Participants will have the opportunity to help develop and influence important initiatives that positively impact the business. Serving on the board also allows them to hone leadership skills that they might not necessarily have the chance to develop through their day-to-day work responsibilities.

For Participants:

  • For the inaugural launch, we have six positions available.
  • You must commit to the full term (12 months).
  • Investment for participants – NZD$295.00 each for the full term.
  • Please send a copy of your CV, a paragraph of your career thus far and your reasoning for wanting to participate in this scheme.
  • Applications are now open.

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Board Dynamics

Keith Watson

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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